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Lost History – Bertha Pappenheim

originally submitted by Andreas Trawöger:

This is probably the saddest story I have to tell.

Bertha Pappenheim is one of the most admirable Jewish woman that lived in the 20th century. And probably the most forgotten.

It's difficult to list everything she did. She was on of the first patients of Sigmund Freud (and helped him defining the ideas behind psychoanalysis). She is founder of the Jewish Woman Movement and founded a orphanage. In here spare time she translated jiddisch books and wrote hundreds of prayers. This book and prayers had an strong influence on forming a liberal jewish movement in 1900.

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Bertha Pappenheim died in 1936 after she was interrogated by Gestapo. Not only was she killed her work was systematically destroyed. Her orphanage was burned down and children and teachers where send to concentration camps in 1942 (where most of them died).

Bertha Pappenheim has written 34 books. Without a few exceptions none of the books where republished after World War II. One of the reasons are current copyright laws. With current copyright laws it isn't legal to republish here work untill 2006. To clear copyrights you would have the sad duty to find out which of Bertha Pappenheim's relatives where not killed. Try to locate them and ask them to put the books in Public Domain.

Saddly it's probably to late to do so. Most copies of Bertha Pappenheim books where destroyed by the Nazi regimes. Others where lost when surviving Jews migrated to other countries.

At the moment I'm only able to locate 8 books of 34 she has written in one of Austrian libraries. The rest of here books are probably lost forever or will be lost if we don't act soon.

Still I'm forced to wait another two years before I'm legally allowed to republish one of them.

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